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Can recycling old freight containers be good for the environment?

It is estimated to be around 200 million shipping containers in use worldwide, and 90% of the world’s goods are transported in them. They are subjected to a significant wear and tear after being loaded, unloaded, and transported across the world for many years.

Shipping containers last around 10 years when used for what they were created for—the main method of safeguarding and sheltering consumer goods on protracted ocean voyages.

If you want to see the impact of freight containers on the environment, just take a look at some of the world’s most famous landmarks. In a city like London, it’s hard not to notice how freight containers are part of our everyday life. They’re used to transport everything from food products and furniture to raw materials like bricks or cement—and they’re everywhere. But what happens when these containers reach the end of their useful lives? Can we recycle old ones instead of throwing them away? And will recycling really help the environment?

The environmental impact of freight containers

If you, as any USA transport company, all have the same answer – the life cycle of a freight container is long and complex. It starts with the material used to make them, which can be recycled or reused as many times as possible before being replaced by new materials. Then there’s how long they are used before being disposed of, where they end up when people throw them away and what happens then (e.g., incineration), how much energy was required to manufacture them in the first place, and so on. While there are no hard numbers available regarding the full extent of their environmental impact, it’s safe to say that they affect both air quality and climate change because most contain some fossil fuels within their walls (usually diesel).

Why you should recycle old containers

Steel is the primary component of shipping containers. One of the most widely used metals in the world since it is highly strong and adaptable. Steel is one of the only man-made materials that is completely recyclable in addition to having these helpful characteristics! Given that, scrap steel is rarely wasted.

Recycling is a great way to reduce waste and save money. It also has an important role in reducing your carbon footprint, saving energy and resources, thus making it good for the environment.

Recycling one tonne of steel saves 860kgs of CO2 emissions; recycling aluminum cans can reduce greenhouse gas emissions by up to 80%. Recycling old freight containers is no exception; it helps you do your bit for the planet while also saving money on new ones!

What kinds of containers can be recycled?

The first thing you need to know is that there are a variety of container types and sizes. The most common container is 40 feet long, 8 feet wide, and 7 feet high. However, there are also 20-foot containers as well as larger ISO standard sizes such as 45′ and 53′.

When it comes to recycling these containers, the most important factor is whether or not they have been painted. If the freight container has been painted, then it cannot be recycled because the paint contains toxic chemicals that are harmful to the environment when disposed of improperly. However, if your old freight containers don’t have any paint on them – which would be unusual considering how much time goes into preparing them for shipment – then they can be recycled safely without harming our environment!

How to recycle an old container?

Containers are easily recyclable, marketable, or scrappable. There are practically no restrictions on what you can do with a shipping container that has been recycled, and we know this better than nearly anyone.  Those of us who are environmentally conscious worry about properly dumping little items like yogurt containers, cereal boxes, and egg cartons. But how do you go about recycling something that is bigger than an elephant?

Donating an old container is the best way to recycle it to a charity. Container recycling companies can also recycle containers but generally don’t accept them from individuals, so you will need to find another way to get rid of your unwanted freight containers. You could sell your container on eBay or Gumtree, but make sure that whoever buys it understands that they are buying something that has been used as a storage unit and may have some damage from being outdoors for so long.


The next time you’re looking for a way to get rid of an old freight container, consider recycling it. It’s a great way to protect our planet and reduce waste in landfills. Many types of containers can be recycled, such as steel or plastic ones with different colors on them. You can also find some with wheels attached so they can be moved around easier when empty. If you want more information on how we do this process, please contact us today!


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