web server and types
web server and types


Now, today’s era is all about technology and its way of using it. All the people wanted to take the advantage of it. The pandemic changed everything and people used technology more during that period. We have never thought that classes can also be done from home, that business can also be done from home, etc. The term “Work From Home” became too much popular as well. Computers, tablets, phones, etc. made the work too much easier. This is the reason why the world and technology are changing, just for the simple reason that is – because people need it. Time will not stop so the world is WordPress hosting.

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We are talking about computers, so you must have heard about the web server. First, we need to understand the term server. The term “SERVER” is a program that provides service to another computer program as the word server itself means to serve others. The main function of the server is to store, send, and receive data. It is their way of serving the computer program or device. Now, as we are on the server topic, you must have heard about the Web server {https://onohosting.com/dedicated-server-hosting-in-india​​}.

First, we need to know what is a web server, what its uses, and its types

Web servers are both hardware and software. It is a program that uses hypertext transfer protocol i.e. HTTP for serving the files that create web pages for the users in response to the requests sent by HTTP clients of their computer known as a web server. It is never disconnected from the internet. Each server has its address that has a series of four numbers between 0 and 255 separated by periods. Like – As we have said that a web server is both hardware and software, so let’s talk about servers in hardware what are the various hosting.

The web server in Hardware

– In the hardware, the server is connected to the internet and allows the data to be exchanged with other computer devices. For example –  Java files and HTML documents are now becoming very popular programs among students web hosting prices.

– In this part, it controls how a user accesses the hosted files. For example, HTTP is a software server that understands URL (Uniform Resource Locator) (web addresses) and HTTP – a protocol that the browser uses to view web pages. We know that the web server is an integral part of the internet, without the web server the internet stops existing. The primary role of the web server is to store, send or process the information reseller hosting company. It uses physical storage which means that all the website data is stored on a web server to ensure safety. When the user enters the URLs of the website or searches it using a keyword on the browser, a request is generated and sent to the webserver to process the data. Now, the role of web browsers like Chrome is to find the web server on which your website data is located. When the browser finds the server then it processes the information nameserver.

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The functions that the web server performs such as -:

(a) It stores and protects the website data.

(b) The server-side web scripting feature enables the users to create dynamic web pages using script languages such as Python, and

(c) Web servers can be used as virtual servers to run multiple applications, sites, data, etc.

Next is about the types of Web Servers – There are a total of four leading web servers:

  • Apache HTTP Server,
  • Internet Information Service,
  • Jigsaw server
  • lighttpd

(1). Apache HTTP Server – This web server is an open–source software developed and maintained by Apache Software Foundation, in which the source code can be viewed and collaborated. Because of its open-source platform, it became very popular among developers. Apache web server is fast and secure and runs smoothly on Windows and Linux web servers. It helps in establishing the connection between the servers and the browsers of website visitors managed and unmanaged VPS.

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(2) Internet Information Service (IIS) – It is one of the most popular web servers from Microsoft. It is used to host and provide Internet-based services to web applications. When a request comes from a client to a server IIS takes the request and processes it and sends a response back to users. IIS includes a set of programs for building and administrating web applications, search engines, and support for writing Web-based applications that access databases such as SQL servers. IIS helps to increase the website and applications availability by lowering the system administration IIS supports HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, FTPS, etc.

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(3) Jigsaw server – We have all heard about Java which is becoming more popular day by day. It is an object-oriented programming language. Jigsaw is an open-source web server platform developed by World Wide Web Consortium(W3C). It can run on various platforms like Linux, Unix, Windows, etc. Jigsaw has been written in Java on PHP programs. It is a framework for rapidly building static sites using the modern tooling that powers your web application. It has a modular architecture and full HTTP 1.1 also it offers a variety of features on top of advanced architecture. It is a set of Java classes and extension modules. It also supports CGI for use with existing CGI scripts.

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(4). Lighttpd – It is a web server designed for security and flexibility. It can be a good option with minimal resources, websites, or dynamic applications. It was made by Bergman Software developer Jan Kneschke in 2003.

These are the four types of web server which is used. Server becoming popular day by day, like NGINX, Litespeed, etc. There are more in the markets that the developers used. They are changing the modules and programming so that they can be used simply and are easy to understand.

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