What precautions must be taken before acquiring a contoura vision?
What precautions must be taken before acquiring a contoura vision?

What precautions must be taken before acquiring a contoura vision?

If you’re curious, this is how you’d feel before Contoura vision eye surgery. Before getting the Contoura vision procedure [Visual Aids Centre] you must complete a series of baseline diagnostic examinations satisfactorily. Your doctor will perform these tests to determine whether you are physically fit enough to get the treatment.

What you should or should not do before contoura vision:

  • You should stop using contact lenses before surgery for correct results.

Anyone who wears soft lenses or contacts should switch to glasses before taking the basic-level tests. The problem with contacts is that they might continue to damage the cornea’s structure for several weeks after you remove them. Your contact lens choice also has an impact on this. If you stop using contacts well before the evaluation examinations, the test findings may be correct. You don’t want these erroneous test findings to lead to a poor surgical strategy, as this would imply that the treatment may be ineffective, leaving you with future vision problems. Understanding that these measures will determine how much corneal tissue must be removed is critical. To obtain the most accurate results, these tests are frequently repeated a week after the initial evaluation to evaluate if the corneal structure has altered.

The time it takes for the corneal structure to return to normal depends on the type of lenses used. The major types of contact lenses are listed below.

  • Soft lenses – If you wear soft lenses, you should cease wearing them at least two weeks before your initial evaluation.
  • Rigid gas permeable lenses – If you wear rigid gas permeable lenses, you must remove them at least three weeks before the initial tests begin.

The hardest contact lenses have the most influence on the cornea. As a result, if you are already wearing these contact lenses, you should stop using them at least four weeks before the first test. The gap allows the cornea to revert to its original shape, which is why this differentiation is established. This is because wearing contact lenses changes the shape and curvature of the cornea. The degree to which different lens types influence the anatomy of the cornea varies and will lead to correct results rather than vague results.

Eye examination tests are critical and should be noticed. They can precisely quantify how much corneal tissue must be removed during surgery. If you’re wondering, it describes how well your vision is after the treatment. As a result, before the test, you should ideally advise the doctor of the following:

  • Any eye problems you’ve had in the past or are currently experiencing;
  • Obviously, any medications you are currently taking or have previously taken. These medications, for example, could be available without a prescription.

Following the preliminary evaluation tests, your doctor will discuss the following subjects with you:

  • The benefits, drawbacks, and viable alternatives to Contoura vision eye surgery;
  • Your responsibilities before, during, and after the Contoura vision surgery.

The actual therapy will take roughly 30 minutes to complete. You must lie on your back in the operation room’s recliner chair. The laser machinery will be put together. It will have a large machine, a computer, and a microscope. Before cleaning the area around your eyes, the doctors will provide anesthetic drops. A lid speculum will be placed over your eyes to keep them open.

Cut open the corneal flap with a mechanical microkeratome similar to a blade is not required. The mechanical microkeratome will only be used to remove the corneal flap, after which a ring-shaped device will be placed over the eyes, and extreme pressure will be used to create suction on the cornea. Patients may experience discomfort while this pressure is applied to their eyes.

It is your responsibility to inform that person of any vision concerns. A doctor has the right to know all the previous issues that can affect your surgery. Even hiding a small information from a doctor can put you in danger. Share pertinent information about your health, prescription medicines, drug allergies, and past or ongoing concerns.

Get ready to “go natural.” (go without any makeup on)

Most medical specialists advise patients to avoid using eye makeup on the day of surgery and for one week afterward. You must avoid scratching the surgery site and maintain your eyes clean for a week. Being “natural” helps to prevent infections during these few days since debris along the eyelashes may increase the risk of infection.

Furthermore, your surgeon may recommend transitioning from contact lenses to glasses three days before your pre-op examination, which might be the day of surgery. If you wear hard (rigid gas permeable) lenses, you should remove them two weeks before surgery. Because contact lenses change the curvature of your corneas, using them too soon before your laser eye surgery may result in erroneous measurements. Arrange a ride to and from your surgery with a carer. A surgeon will almost usually give you the all-clear to drive the morning following your Contoura vision laser eye surgery.

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